Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Specifications & pros and Cons

Redmi Note 4 series consists of various budget friendly phones. Redmi Note 4X is one of them released by Xiaomi. If you intend to buy Redmi 4X, here are its pros and cons to make your decision easier. Check Xiaomi Redmi 4X price in Pakistan here.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X

Classy Design & Display

The design reminds you of Redmi Note 4 as it has the metallic body mixed with the 2.5D curved glass. The solid metal frame is made of anodized aluminum that makes it more attractive. The rear panel is made of fine quality plastic. The 5” full HD IPS capacitive display is simply the major attraction for the users in this low price. The Full HD 1080p resolution has 401ppi display density. It is comfortable to hold in one hand due to its chamfered edges and thin bezels. However, there is no protective layer on the display and it can get the fingerprint smudges and scratches easily. So, you need to be very careful while using the device. The weight of the device is 150g that makes it a heavier phone.

Convenient Multitasking

The Qualcomm MSM8940 Snapdragon 435 processor makes the multitasking easier for the users. Combined with 2 & 3GB RAM, it works finely even for the 3D games. While opening the multiple apps, there is no prominent lag. If the graphics setting is lower, you can even play various high-end games.

Battery Performance

The high performance 4100mAh battery makes it a perfect device to use for long hours. If it is fully charged, you can play videos for 580 minutes. If the WiFi is enabled and the brightness and volume level is 50%, you can use the phone for 36 hours. The standby time for the battery is 18 days that is incredible for the users. However, the phone is fully charged within 3 hours because there is no Quick Charge 3.0 technology in it to charge it fast.

Quick Fingerprint Sensor

The fingerprint sensor is located on the back panel and works faster to unlock the phone. So, your private profile and personal content are only a touch away from you.

Universal Infrared Remote

The powerful IR Blaster of the phone converts it into the universal remote control. So, you can use the home appliances remotely by using it. Now you can change the TV channels, control the AC and DVD with Redmi 4X.


  • It supports 3G and 4G LTE networking.
  • It has a faster Fingerprint sensor to unlock the device that ensures the security of your data.
  • The 4100mAh battery works as a powerhouse.
  • The design is beautiful and outstanding.
  • The price is quite affordable as compared to the specifications and features it has.
  • It is easy to grab due to the 2.5D curved glass design and chamfered edges.
  • You can use it with one hand as it has a moderately wide 5” display.
  • It fits in your pocket without making it bulky.
  • The high-quality 13MP primary and the 5MP secondary camera make it a worthwhile device.
  • You can tune FM radio without using the Internet.


  • It does not contain the Quick Charge 3.0 technology. So, you need to have some patience for 3 hours to charge the device up to 100%.
  • The internal memory 16GB & 32GB is not sufficient for storing the multimedia files and heavy apps. However, you can extend the memory by mounting a 128GB MicroSD card.
  • The battery is non-replaceable and lasts longer for 12 to 18 months.

Projects that can change Hospitality & Tourism Industry of Pakistan

Pakistan is a country that enjoys 4 seasons, deserts, mountains (world’s 2ndlargest mountain known as K2), opportunities for ski lovers, scuba diving and many other things that are available in Pakistani premises, but our public is not aware of the existing opportunities in tourism industry. Further the infrastructure of Tourism Industry needs justification from authorities. Though TDCP (Tourism Development Corporation) is assisting Pakistani Tourism Industry, but the steps by TDCP fails to draw the attention of National and International Tourists.

Talking about Pakistani Hospitality & Tourism Industry, following upcoming projects which are either in planning or development process can change the view of Tourism Industry by facilitating Guests and Tourists with latest trends of Hospitality.

Hyatt Regency Lahore

Hyatt is a famous and globally known company that deals in Hotels, Resorts, Lodging and Leisure activities. Hyatt has developed itself as a symbol of luxurious company who love to serve its guests with heart soul. The passionate company now operates and runs about 500 hotels and over 90,000 rooms worldwide. Hyatt is developing its 5 Star Hotel in Lahore, Pakistan near Allama Iqbal International Airport to facilitate Business and Corporate Business Class.

Hyatt Hotels Corporation will own, run and manage the 5 Star Hotels according to international standards, while the project also includes construction of shopping mall, Corporate Suites and Serviced Apartments. The entire project is named as Pace Circle by Pace Pakistan, while marketed by Athar’s Marketing. More specifically, Hyatt Regency Lahore at Pace Circle will offer 300 Keys (343 bays), a pool deck, state of art Food & Beverage and Hospitality Services. The Project will help Pakistan to attract entrepreneurs, businessmen, travelers and tourists, while Lahore will get a state of art hotel, convention center and luxury apartments that will further accelerate the economy.

Bahrai Golf City Rawalpindi

Bahria Town is known for its quality residential and commercial projects. Bahria Town is one of the earliest developers who introduced the leisure and luxurious life style in residential communities. Bahria Town Rawalpindi chapter is developing the Bahria Golf City which will provide the Pakistan’s first ever Golf Resort Residential Community, while the 5 Star Sheraton Hotel will also served Guests across the world. The Golf Course Community along with 5 Star Hotel with modern facilities and amenities will attract Tourism from Capital of Pakistan as the site of Bahrai Golf City is located at 15 minutes of drive from Diplomatic Enclave Islamabad.

The Hill View Resorts located on Main Murree Road with views of Margalla Hills, Sheraton Hotel that will have 372 luxury rooms, modern Country Club and Serviced Villas will entertain National and International Guest. To provide comfort to Guest and visitors, the project also features a fully serviced Spa, state of art gymnasium and beautifully designed outdoor swimming pools. In short, the site will become an ultimate place for cherishing happiness with your family members, colleagues and other fellow mates.

Naltar Valley and Ski Resort:

Naltar Valley is located about 40 KM North-West of Gilgit City. Naltar Valley is known for its magnificent mountain scenery and wildlife. Pakistan Air Force has a Ski School at Naltar Valley that teaches PAF aircrew, Defece Personals of Pak Army Civilians and Student of Ski School. The Ski Federation of Pakistan formed in December 1990 is headed by chief of Air Staff, while Vice Chief of Air Staff is President.

Pakistani government is looking forward to provide facilities at Natlar Valley, the recent development and upgrading project for Naltar will attract people towards the valley, however the sad incident of Naltar Valley has delayed the project. Authorities have setup a 180 seater Chair Lift to facilitate the Skiing Lovers aiming to provide and assist the Ski Sports in Pakistan. Indeed the Naltar Chair Lift Project will attract Ski Lovers across the Pakistan and World as well.

Naltar Ski Resorts has a slope of 600 meters, while the oldest Skiing Resort of Pakistan is located at an altitude of about 10500 feet. Pakistan Skiing Federation arranges annual Ski Festival and Programs, while students of Naltar Skiing Resorts also participate in International Skiing Sports and Festivals to represent Pakistan on International Horizon.

Lahore Canal Chair Lift:

Government of Punjab is planning to develop a 22 KM long Chairlift that will run from Thokar Niaz Baig to Jallo Mor with a cost of about 20 billion rupees. The Plan is in preliminary stage of conception, however government should look for financial resources, energy alternatives, management and safety issues, legal issues and that whether the project is sustainable in current scenario or not.

Lahore City hailed the first Chairlift project back in 2002 near Saggian Bridge. The private project was discontinued and became operational again in 2011, however no proper marketing and with no government patronage, the project failed to attract people. The upcoming Lahore Canal Chair Lift Project is likely to provide recreational and leisure facilities to Lahori People above 45 feet of Lahore Canal. Tough opposition parties are creating hurdles by marking the project as unnecessary and unaffordable in current scenario. Punjab Government is already working on Orange Line Metro Train Project after completion of Lahore Metro Bus Project.

As a tourism market and spotter, the better and advance transportation facilities in City will not only upgrade the life style of public, but also will help to boost the tourism in ancient city with rich historical background.


Pakistan is blessed with numerous historical and beautiful places. Our land is home to some of the ancient societies including Mohenjo-daro (2600 BC), Taxila (Gandhara Period, known for Buddhists and Hindus Center), Harappa (represents Indus Valley Civilization), Mehar Garh (dates back to 7000 BCE to c. 2500 BCE, know is a part of Balochistan) etc. However, Pakistan lacks proper Hospitality and Tourism Infrastructure, while Pakistan also needs to improve the Law & Order situation. The current operation (Zarb-e-Azab) in Pakistan by brave Pakistani Army against Terrorists is securing the future of Pakistan and Pakistani People. Pakistan can give tough time to European and Latin American destinations by developing the sites that Allah Almighty has gifted Pakistan. Currently France is leading the Tourism Industry, while China, Turkey and Thailand are the only Countries in Asia in top 10 List.

Can’t Forget That Naran Tour Back in 2013. #Memories

After a few posts regarding travel I realized that I should write about my own personal experience. It’s my hobby to travel but I never shared my own experience about traveling before, but now I’ll write about my Naran’s tour. I was doing ACCA and my college friends planned to do a tour at Naran. You can say it paradise on Earth, people don’t come here in Pakistan otherwise they would come to know about its beauty and also innocent people of Pakistan. Without any ado let’s start my tour to naran.

All we friends planned that we’ll hire a coaster that will be our conveyance to naran. As per plan we hired a coaster that could carry 20 people and we were 25, so we managed to sit in that coaster by putting some chairs in the middle of seats. Our plan was to leave Lahore (Our City) at mid night and we were on time.

For our tour we brought some snacks and juices and for dinner we stayed for an hour on Islamabad terminal. The dinner was awesome and during the dinner we got sad news, one of our friends didn’t come for the tour and I checked that his Whatsapp status was showing that his father is in hospital. I became shocked and also my other friends also didn’t believe because his father was really nice person and we had got together at his home many times with his father. I texted him and also called him but I think he was busy and then I set my Whatsapp status as we’re sorry that we left you as we didn’t know that uncle is in hospital, we’ll come back soon to see him. This incident made our mood quiet sad but we decided to move on and will visit uncle after 2 days when we’ll be back.

After a long journey of 12 hours we reached Naran and OMG what tricky and dangerous roads were there. We prayed and thanked Allah for taking us safe in Naran. We Slept, and on the very next day we packed our bags for Lalazar, you can say it a small part of heaven. You’ll be amazed to know that native Windows XP’s wallpapers’ image was taken from this location; a beautiful place with lots of greenery, mountain and waterfalls. We took a bath in the waterfall with some other guys who were from Lahore too. Then we moved on to Lalazar’s mountains and Woah! Those were just tremendous. Because of our friend’s father health, we decided to move back to Lahore on the very next day and unfortunately, we came back. But I can’t forget those mountains with ice and greenery and also those waterfalls. Soon I’ve a plan to go with my friends again in this December. I’ll add another post here to tell you more about my next experience.

Who can Utilize Branded SMS in Pakistan?

Like all across the globe digital marketing and most significantly a modern day marketing technique that has over shaded all other’s is SMS marketing. If we specifically talk about the usage of SMS marketing by Pakistani company’s and business owners it’s immense – especially if we check the recent statistics.

The reason for adopting this technique by countless brands of various industries and companies and even individuals is because of SMS Marketing effectiveness. Doing SMS marketing of any product you produce or any service you and your company offers SMS marketing can boost your clientage within no time.

As far as branded SMS marketing is concerned, it is currently the most in demand way by brands and companies in Pakistan – who want to boost their sales. The question arises here is, which companies and individual business owners can use Branded SMS to endorse their products and services. The answer is anyone in Pakistan can utilize the Branded SMS marketing technique for promoting their business. Branded SMS has become the most cost-effective, instant and result oriented marketing medium in Pakistan, which provides outcome soon after executing it.

Why all types of companies and business owners in Pakistan can employ Branded SMS is because – there is no such restriction that who can. But, it is advised that reputable brands and business owners who should do this whenever they want. There is a simple process called masking that is a kind of request that is forwarded by an SMS marketing service provider to the telecom companies for the approval of specific brand name. This brand name after masking approval then can be used for sending branded SMS. Then these marketing campaigns will show the approved brand name as a sender to its receiver – instead of a shortcode that was approved for this purpose.

To apply for a masking also known as the brand name for making branded SMS campaign only require a company or sole proprietor doing any sort of business to send an application on its letterhead. Yes, no matter which kind of business or company you own you just need to have an official letterhead with a stamp and you can apply and obtain a masking of the brand name you applied for.

Afterwards, you can send as much as branded SMS to a group of people that can be hundreds and even in the thousands – to inject your promotional marketing messages. SMS marketing done through branded SMS showing your company or brand name as the sender will certainly persuade prospective clients towards buying your offered products and services. As, branded SMS have a lot more persuasive sociological effect – than non-branded short code marketing SMS.

So, any business owner or brand wants to boost their sale can utilize branded SMS marketing for enlightening their target market regarding rewarding products and services they offer.

Why QMobiles are Best Smartphones in Pakistan?

QMobile is a Pakistani smartphone corporation; QMobile is the biggest smartphone corporation in Pakistan.

According to the corporation, QMobile stands for “Quality Mobile” and it was launched back in 2009. As the first local mobile phone company in Pakistan to enter the tech market, and it has gone quite deeply and well known by the Pakistanis. QMobiles are well known from their middle ranged smartphones.

QMobile has produce devices includes some tablets and dozens of phones both touch screen, QWERTY, Wi-Fi and they all run on Android Operation Software. QMobile also launched a Windows Phone name “QMobile W1” in 2015 and also the QMobile launched the first ever Android One smartphone named QMobile A1 in Pakistan; which is under the Google Android One smartphone program.

Choosing best QMobile phone

Choosing perfect Android Operating System

QMobile smartphones comes with a particular Android Operation Software, QMobile phones comes in both new and old Android Operation Software. Google has not stop in launching new Android Operation Software since the release of first Android Operation Software. Newer operating systems offer upgraded features and come with fixes and corrections for different bugs, which makes new Operation Software more preferable.

Phone Display Size and Resolution

4 inches display smartphone has grown to become the norm for Android phones. It is small to carry around by owner comfortably; but 4 inches is too small compare to large screen smartphones. QMobile have lot of phones with different size of screen, getting a larger screen is a good idea. 5 inches smartphones are the most common smartphones used throughout the world.

Android phones come with different resolution depths. Best resolution is a high resolution. Though, it is hard to detect the difference between resolutions with the human eye without peering too closely once you go above 300 ppi.

Choosing the Memory Capacity

QMobile smartphones come with varying storage capacities. Some smartphones even come with memory card slots that allows for expandable storage options. Though, storage depends on the needs of the users. For users who prefer to store their photos, music, and video files on their mobile devices and do more downloading, the ability to expand memory storage is a perfect idea. But for users who prefer using their Android phones solely for communication, any memory storage is ok.

Battery Life Span

QMobile phones offer decent battery life. A single charge usually lasts for at least 24 hours with normal calling and using habits. But, some QMobile phones deliver strong battery spans; some comes with advanced features that will allow them to optimize their energy usage for longer energy gains. QMobile phones with over 2000mAh battery will be perfect for users with high demand for battery life span. Smartphones with long battery life spans is more ideal.