Lahore Smart City Payment Plan – Location Map – Details

Lahore Smart City Payment Plan

Lahore Smart City is the second smart housing project in Pakistan providing a sustainable and advanced living. This is a project of Habib Rafique Private Limited, the same developers of Capital Smart City Islamabad. Located on Lahore Bypass, Lahore Smart City is exclusively planned to feature smart infrastructure, modern architecture, high-end features, facilities state of … Read more

Laban Garden Residencia Lahore

Laban Garden Residencia Lahore

Laban Garden Residencia is a deliberate and modern housing society that is planned in Lahore. This project is included amongst strategically planned housing projects of Lahore. From its exclusively designed architecture to the basic amenities of life, this society has a lot to offer. With professional minds and ideas, Iza developers are aiming to design … Read more

Why Does The Internet Keep Breaking Down?

Why does the internet keep breaking

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg issued an apology for the latest service outage I’m not sure if Mark Zuckerberg reads the comments left on his Facebook posts. But, if he did so, it would take him roughly 145 days without sleep to wade through the deluge of reactions he would receive once he apologized for the collapse … Read more

Why Giant Turbines Are Pushing The Limits Of Possibility?

Why giant turbines are pushing the limits of possibility

In 2020, Vestas will construct a huge prototype – a 15-megawatt (MW) wind turbine with the capacity to power around 13,000 British homes. It will be the world’s largest wind turbine, though not for long. Wind turbines are continuously getting larger, and it’s happening much faster than anyone anticipated. The Chinese firm MingYang recently announced … Read more

Telecommunication Company in Pakistan, Telenor Has Launched B2B Solutions

Telenor Has Launched B2B Solutions

Telecommunication Company in Pakistan, Telenor Has Launched B2B Solutions to Assist Businesses in ‘Getting Future Ready’. Telenor Pakistan has introduced its cutting-edge portfolio of company solutions to allow its corporate clients keep up with the changes in the business world. Telenor Business strives to help businesses of all sizes navigate through the storms ahead by … Read more