Why QMobiles are Best Smartphones in Pakistan?

QMobile is a Pakistani smartphone corporation; QMobile is the biggest smartphone corporation in Pakistan.

According to the corporation, QMobile stands for “Quality Mobile” and it was launched back in 2009. As the first local mobile phone company in Pakistan to enter the tech market, and it has gone quite deeply and well known by the Pakistanis. QMobiles are well known from their middle ranged smartphones.

QMobile has produce devices includes some tablets and dozens of phones both touch screen, QWERTY, Wi-Fi and they all run on Android Operation Software. QMobile also launched a Windows Phone name “QMobile W1” in 2015 and also the QMobile launched the first ever Android One smartphone named QMobile A1 in Pakistan; which is under the Google Android One smartphone program.

Choosing best QMobile phone

Choosing perfect Android Operating System

QMobile smartphones comes with a particular Android Operation Software, QMobile phones comes in both new and old Android Operation Software. Google has not stop in launching new Android Operation Software since the release of first Android Operation Software. Newer operating systems offer upgraded features and come with fixes and corrections for different bugs, which makes new Operation Software more preferable.

Phone Display Size and Resolution

4 inches display smartphone has grown to become the norm for Android phones. It is small to carry around by owner comfortably; but 4 inches is too small compare to large screen smartphones. QMobile have lot of phones with different size of screen, getting a larger screen is a good idea. 5 inches smartphones are the most common smartphones used throughout the world.

Android phones come with different resolution depths. Best resolution is a high resolution. Though, it is hard to detect the difference between resolutions with the human eye without peering too closely once you go above 300 ppi.

Choosing the Memory Capacity

QMobile smartphones come with varying storage capacities. Some smartphones even come with memory card slots that allows for expandable storage options. Though, storage depends on the needs of the users. For users who prefer to store their photos, music, and video files on their mobile devices and do more downloading, the ability to expand memory storage is a perfect idea. But for users who prefer using their Android phones solely for communication, any memory storage is ok.

Battery Life Span

QMobile phones offer decent battery life. A single charge usually lasts for at least 24 hours with normal calling and using habits. But, some QMobile phones deliver strong battery spans; some comes with advanced features that will allow them to optimize their energy usage for longer energy gains. QMobile phones with over 2000mAh battery will be perfect for users with high demand for battery life span. Smartphones with long battery life spans is more ideal.

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