Who can Utilize Branded SMS in Pakistan?

Like all across the globe digital marketing and most significantly a modern day marketing technique that has over shaded all other’s is SMS marketing. If we specifically talk about the usage of SMS marketing by Pakistani company’s and business owners it’s immense – especially if we check the recent statistics.

The reason for adopting this technique by countless brands of various industries and companies and even individuals is because of SMS Marketing effectiveness. Doing SMS marketing of any product you produce or any service you and your company offers SMS marketing can boost your clientage within no time.

As far as branded SMS marketing is concerned, it is currently the most in demand way by brands and companies in Pakistan – who want to boost their sales. The question arises here is, which companies and individual business owners can use Branded SMS to endorse their products and services. The answer is anyone in Pakistan can utilize the Branded SMS marketing technique for promoting their business. Branded SMS has become the most cost-effective, instant and result oriented marketing medium in Pakistan, which provides outcome soon after executing it.

Why all types of companies and business owners in Pakistan can employ Branded SMS is because – there is no such restriction that who can. But, it is advised that reputable brands and business owners who should do this whenever they want. There is a simple process called masking that is a kind of request that is forwarded by an SMS marketing service provider to the telecom companies for the approval of specific brand name. This brand name after masking approval then can be used for sending branded SMS. Then these marketing campaigns will show the approved brand name as a sender to its receiver – instead of a shortcode that was approved for this purpose.

To apply for a masking also known as the brand name for making branded SMS campaign only require a company or sole proprietor doing any sort of business to send an application on its letterhead. Yes, no matter which kind of business or company you own you just need to have an official letterhead with a stamp and you can apply and obtain a masking of the brand name you applied for.

Afterwards, you can send as much as branded SMS to a group of people that can be hundreds and even in the thousands – to inject your promotional marketing messages. SMS marketing done through branded SMS showing your company or brand name as the sender will certainly persuade prospective clients towards buying your offered products and services. As, branded SMS have a lot more persuasive sociological effect – than non-branded short code marketing SMS.

So, any business owner or brand wants to boost their sale can utilize branded SMS marketing for enlightening their target market regarding rewarding products and services they offer.

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