Can’t Forget That Naran Tour Back in 2013. #Memories

After a few posts regarding travel I realized that I should write about my own personal experience. It’s my hobby to travel but I never shared my own experience about traveling before, but now I’ll write about my Naran’s tour. I was doing ACCA and my college friends planned to do a tour at Naran. You can say it paradise on Earth, people don’t come here in Pakistan otherwise they would come to know about its beauty and also innocent people of Pakistan. Without any ado let’s start my tour to naran.

All we friends planned that we’ll hire a coaster that will be our conveyance to naran. As per plan we hired a coaster that could carry 20 people and we were 25, so we managed to sit in that coaster by putting some chairs in the middle of seats. Our plan was to leave Lahore (Our City) at mid night and we were on time.

For our tour we brought some snacks and juices and for dinner we stayed for an hour on Islamabad terminal. The dinner was awesome and during the dinner we got sad news, one of our friends didn’t come for the tour and I checked that his Whatsapp status was showing that his father is in hospital. I became shocked and also my other friends also didn’t believe because his father was really nice person and we had got together at his home many times with his father. I texted him and also called him but I think he was busy and then I set my Whatsapp status as we’re sorry that we left you as we didn’t know that uncle is in hospital, we’ll come back soon to see him. This incident made our mood quiet sad but we decided to move on and will visit uncle after 2 days when we’ll be back.

After a long journey of 12 hours we reached Naran and OMG what tricky and dangerous roads were there. We prayed and thanked Allah for taking us safe in Naran. We Slept, and on the very next day we packed our bags for Lalazar, you can say it a small part of heaven. You’ll be amazed to know that native Windows XP’s wallpapers’ image was taken from this location; a beautiful place with lots of greenery, mountain and waterfalls. We took a bath in the waterfall with some other guys who were from Lahore too. Then we moved on to Lalazar’s mountains and Woah! Those were just tremendous. Because of our friend’s father health, we decided to move back to Lahore on the very next day and unfortunately, we came back. But I can’t forget those mountains with ice and greenery and also those waterfalls. Soon I’ve a plan to go with my friends again in this December. I’ll add another post here to tell you more about my next experience.

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