President Arif Alvi Urges Foreigners To Invest in Pakistan

The overseas Pakistanis have been encouraged to take advantage of Pakistan’s business-friendly climate and invest in a variety of industries. Pakistan’s President minister stated that the country has a very liberal investment policy to create a favorable business environment and attract foreign investment. At today’s Aiwan-e-Sadr meeting, he made these comments regarding Pakistan’s extremely open … Read more

How to make your brand famous in 2019?

How to make your brand famous

Today, brands have achieved a very prominent position in the marketing industry and people prefer to choose the quality and reliable brand. With the brand-popularity trend, there are many new brands who are starting. Building a brand is not an easy task and it needs a lot of strategies, plannings and hard work. Well if … Read more

How to Perform Umrah: Fundamentals of ISLAM!

Umrah is an Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca performed by Muslims in abundance every year. Hajj is being performed by Muslims in order to seek blessings of Almighty Allah. In Arabic Umrah means to visit a populated place. This is one of the fundamental Islamic principles. In simple terms Umrah means perform Tawaf round the Kabah … Read more

Projects that can change Hospitality & Tourism Industry of Pakistan

Pakistan is a country that enjoys 4 seasons, deserts, mountains (world’s 2ndlargest mountain known as K2), opportunities for ski lovers, scuba diving and many other things that are available in Pakistani premises, but our public is not aware of the existing opportunities in tourism industry. Further the infrastructure of Tourism Industry needs justification from authorities. … Read more