Government Announces Revised Hajj Policy for 2024, Reduces Cost by Rs 100,000

The federal government has disclosed the Hajj policy for the upcoming year, implementing a substantial reduction of one hundred thousand rupees in the cost of Hajj.

In a comprehensive video, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony addressed various queries, advising potential pilgrims to regularly check the ministry’s website and social media accounts for the latest updates.

Installment for Hajj 2024:

Responding to a question about Hajj cost payment, the spokesperson clarified that there is no installment concept for this year’s Hajj, emphasizing that the entire payment must be made upfront. The Sponsorship Scheme from the previous year will continue.

Passport Validity:

Applicants with passports valid until December 16th, 2024, are eligible. Those awaiting passport issuance can provide the token number in their application.


“All Muslim Pakistanis are eligible to apply for this year’s Hajj,” stated the spokesperson. However, individuals who performed Hajj in 2017 or later are ineligible, except for those applying through the Sponsorship Scheme or acting as a guardian for a female pilgrim.

Long Hajj Package:

Both regular and Sponsorship Scheme applicants can opt for the Short and Long Hajj packages. The Long Hajj, lasting 38-42 days with an 8-day stay in Medinah, costs Rs 10,65,000 for the South region and Rs 10,75,000 for other cities. Sponsorship scheme applicants pay $3765 for the South region and $3800 for the North region.

Short Hajj Package:

For the Short Hajj package, regular applicants pay Rs 11,40,000 (South) and Rs 11,50,000 (North). Sponsorship Scheme applicants pay $4015 (South) and $4050 (North). The Short Hajj lasts 20-25 days.

Vaccine Requirement:

The government will offer training and vaccination to intending pilgrims under the government Hajj scheme. Three types of vaccines will be administered at Hajj camps. The spokesperson emphasized the Saudi government’s unchanged requirement for a Covid-19 vaccine.


The government ensures full transport facilities for pilgrims, including intercity bus services. Pilgrims will have shared residence during Hajj, three daily meals, and a five-liter bottle of Zamzam upon return.

It is noteworthy that the government will accept Hajj applications from November 27th to December 12th, 2023.

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