Hajra Khan Panezai to Unveil Unedited Memoir Exposing Allegations Against Imran Khan

Pakistani television and film actor, Hajra Khan Panezai, is preparing to launch the original version of her 2014 memoir, “WHERE THE OPIUM GROWS: Surviving Pakistan as a Woman, an Actress And Knowing Imran Khan.” Despite the sanitized version available on Amazon, the “organic version” is set to be unveiled at Serena Hotel, Islamabad, on November 24.

The foreword on Amazon provides insight into the memoir, describing it as a compelling account of Panezai’s journey from a deprived region in Pakistan to becoming a successful actress, with a focus on her encounters with Imran Khan. In a recent podcast, she clarified that the book, penned in London during a hiatus from showbiz, covers her life from childhood to her days in the entertainment industry.

Panezai claimed to have faced harassment from a prominent figure who, she alleges, was manipulated by Imran Khan. Connecting this experience to the ongoing legal proceedings against Imran Khan in the cipher case, she referred to it as a “dark experience.” According to Panezai, her departure from Pakistan in 2014 was forced by Imran Khan, who she claims feared exposure.

Accusing Imran Khan of hacking her social media accounts through his team, Panezai blamed her negative encounter with him for ruining her career. Emphasizing that she is not the first person to make such claims, she urged people to question their perception of Imran Khan as a national savior, stating, “I have judged in 2014 that this [Imran Khan] is a wrong number.”

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