How to Track your Lahore Smart City Booking?

Lahore Smart City is a premium housing project offering a lot of unique and smart features. This housing scheme is designed innovatively while introducing something extraordinary in every way. Lahore Smart City cares for its clients thus offering remarkable facilities for them. 

One of those facilities is Lahore Smart City e-tracking portal. Smart city management has launched this portal to facilitate the buyers while providing them a unique and innovative experience. Through this portal, one can easily track the booking status by entering a tracking code, form, or e-from number. 

Lahore Smart City E Tracking Portal 

Lahore Smart City tracking portal is specially designed and introduced for the ease and convenience of buyers. Through this, you can easily and quickly track your Lahore Smart City booking. 

You do not need to call anyone or go anywhere as the portal allows you to online check the current status of your new booking from the comfort of your home. For tracking, you must have your e-form number or tracking code that you get at the time of booking. LSC tracking portal is advanced and reliable that comes with the following features:

  • Fast and Easy QR Code Redirection 
  • Quickly track the current status of your new booking 

Step by Step Guide to Track your Lahore Smart City Booking

You can quickly and easily track the current status of your booking by using the Smart City Lahore e portal. In this way, you will get the complete information about your booking without going to any place. Follow these steps to easily trace the status new Lahore Smart City booking!

  1. Open Lahore Smart City tracking portal
  2. Enter your e-form, form, or tracking number in the bar 
  3. Click on the “search” button 
  4. All the information related to your booking status will appear on the screen 

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