Israeli Prime Minister Condemns Alleged Houthi Attack on Cargo Ship

Houthi rebels in Yemen, reportedly supported by Iran, assert control over an Israeli cargo vessel in the Red Sea, claiming it was taken to a Yemeni port. Israel disputes ownership of the ship and crew, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu labeling it “another act of Iranian terrorism.” In response, Israel launches a comprehensive military campaign against Hamas, involving ground forces, artillery, and airstrikes.

Hamas reports 12,300 casualties in Gaza due to Israeli bombings since October 7, with an estimated 2,000 people trapped under rubble. Following Israel’s counteroffensive, Houthis target Israel with drones and missiles. Unverified sources suggest the seized ship may belong to an Israeli company, contradicting Israel’s denial of involvement.

Prime Minister Netanyahu, via social media, strongly condemns the alleged Iranian attack on the international vessel. Meanwhile, reports indicate that earlier this month, Houthis shot down a US military drone off the Yemeni coast.

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