How I Managed TO Escape a Catastrophe During My Journey To Azad Kashmir?

Azad Kashmir is among the world’s most mesmerizing and pleasurable places I’ve been to. Being a passionate traveler, I’ve visited thousands of places in Pakistan. I’ve even travelled abroad to taste the relish of the beautiful meadows, and that cozy sound of the Niagara Falls, but I would say that Azad Kashmir is one of the best places. Although the entire Pakistan is full of heavenly places, but one must visit Azad Kashmir.

My Journey

I still remember the most exciting Sunday of my life, because the next day it wasn’t a day to attend my boring University Classes, rather I had to depart from Lahore sharply at 9:00 AM. I packed my clothes, and all such things that were a necessary part of this journey. Because my dream is to become a tourist and explore the world, I prefer to live in Tent instead of Hotels. Of course, I didn’t left my Laptop and Internet Device behind to update my fans about my journey to Azad Kashmir.

As I love travelling alone, and because it was one of the prolonged journeys of my life, I had some pocketful of cash, 5 Mobile batteries, a Solar Battery Chargers, 2 Sunscreens and 15 different cloths. The bus reached Islamabad in 5 hours. We had a stay of about 30 minutes and then set off, and the next stop was Azad Kashmir without any further delays.

Finally Reached

At last after a long and tiring journey the bus arrived, and we all boarded off from the bus. Most of the passengers had reservations for hotels, and I was the only person who headed towards a safe place to dig up his tent and build a shelter to live.

The worse thing happened was we reached Azad Kashmir, and I was hardly left with 1:30 hours because it was evening time and the sun was about to set. I had to do things in a hurry, and was tired as well. Somehow, I managed to setup all things in time. I lit up the LED light, had a small Skype Call with my family members and told them that I reached safely. Don’t be astonished, you can easily catch Internet Signals in nearly all places of Pakistan except a few.

The Bad Incident

My bad luck that while I was hiking on the 18th day of my journey I was robbed away a big sum of money. I nearly lost 80% of my money and was worried. There was no chance that my family members could send me money. I tried to contact my friends but all in vain.

The last option left was my brother who was living in Australia. I saw some Money Exchange services, and thought they could help. Luckily I had a successful Skype session with my brother and he said that the only option available was to send me Money through PayPal.

Unfortunately, PayPal doesn’t support its services in Pakistan, and to receive money we must have a verified PayPal account. I got depressed. However, this post helped me to get a verified PayPal account. Double the luck was that I already had a Payoneer Master Card and it played a vital role in verifying my PayPal.

Anyhow, my brother sent me money and I withdrew it from my PayPal to my Payoneer card and swiped it at the nearest ATM to get the Cash. The rest of the journey was successful, but I came back early as I feared that the thieves may rob me again.

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