President Arif Alvi Urges Foreigners To Invest in Pakistan

President Arif Alvi Urges Foreigners To Invest in Pakistan

The overseas Pakistanis have been encouraged to take advantage of Pakistan’s business-friendly climate and invest in a variety of industries.

Pakistan’s President minister stated that the country has a very liberal investment policy to create a favorable business environment and attract foreign investment. At today’s Aiwan-e-Sadr meeting, he made these comments regarding Pakistan’s extremely open economic climate, which he said was created to ensure a positive business climate and attract foreign investment.

The President met with the group and said that Pakistan’s Ease of Doing Business Index ranking has improved to 108th place from 136th, demonstrating a more enabling environment for international investors. He stated that the government was promoting investment in information technology, cattle farming, and other key sectors of the economy, and overseas Pakistanis should seize these investments.

The President commended the IT sector for having much potential and noted that the government had established the Special Technology Zones Authority (STZA) to encourage and speed up foreign investors by providing them with a one-window system. He recognized overseas Pakistanis’ significant role in helping develop the economy of Pakistan by sending money home and making investments in various sectors.

At a meeting with leading investment and technological businesses here, the president said the one-window facility under the Special Technology Zones Authority (STZA), on which a bill has been passed, would entice and enable foreign investors to develop their information technology presence in Pakistan.

“We are committed to improving the STZA’s operations, contributing towards its success, and taking part in its progress,” said Mr. Alvi. He added that the federal government had established STZA with a mission to provide world-class digital and physical infrastructure across Pakistan, putting the country on the global technology map. He emphasized that embracing technological change and investing in human capital development would safeguard economic stability.

President Alvi invited the firms to invest in Pakistan’s many sectors, especially e-commerce, and stated that boosting broadband penetration would aid economic growth. He said the STZA was responsible for achieving key strategic objectives of inclusive socioeconomic development and economic opportunity, particularly for youth, as a fundamental enabler of inclusive economic growth.

President Arif Alvi expressed these views during a meeting with a delegation of leading Turkish companies which called on him here.

The Turkish business delegation included industrial groups as well as chairmen and CEOs of Turkish firms from a variety of sectors, including energy, information technology, healthcare, and electronics.

Zorlu Energy, Arelik, Eczacibasi Holding, Veripark, TUBISAD (Turkish Informatics Industry Association), and Turkey-Pakistan Business Council of Foreign Economic Relations Board were among the companies that took part.

On the opening day of Pakistan’s Business Summit, President Alvi noted that Pakistan is placing a high value on geo-economics. He also highlighted the investment-friendly climate in Pakistan and the government’s efforts to create a favorable atmosphere for business.

The group informed the meeting that it was interested in investing in cattle farming and wanted to establish a model farm in Pakistan. The delegation stated that it would continue its efforts to enhance Pakistan’s international image and urge Australian businesses and overseas Pakistani citizens to invest in the country.

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