Zardari’s Open Invitation to Political Rivals for Upcoming Elections

Former President and PPP Co-Chairman Asif Zardari discusses his past role in empowering parliament during his presidency. He expresses readiness for electoral competition and emphasizes the importance of democracy and electoral contest. Zardari mentions that the PPP, with PDM’s support, brought down the PTI government due to governance issues, not just to gain power. He welcomes political opponents for upcoming elections.

Zardari shares his vision, focusing on utilizing wastewater for various purposes, potentially earning billions for the country. He recalls PPP’s commitment to Pakistan’s prosperity and emphasizes that he won’t leave the country due to party workers’ wishes. He suggests he wanted to speak in Sindhi or Seraiki but refrains to ensure the message reaches everyone.

He reiterates the motive behind protesting against Imran Khan’s government in 2022 was for people’s rights and country’s development. Zardari indirectly criticizes the previous coalition government, in which PPP played a significant role, for ignoring his advice and causing financial losses.

Zardari highlights Pakistan’s history of suffering due to regional conflicts and Pakistan’s diplomatic stance during his tenure. He supports Afghan refugees’ stay in Pakistan, acknowledging their challenges in a war-torn homeland. Zardari deplores Israel’s attacks on Palestinians and calls for practical support. At the gathering, Ali Gohar Mahar joins PPP, and several senior PPP leaders are present.

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